Welcome to Nutty Buddy NFT

Nutty Buddy NFT views Mental Health as a priority topic. 

The NFT landscape is nuts. It is a space that is growing at such a rate you can feel left behind. That why now is the best time for you to get involved in great upcoming NFT.
Rewards and Loyalty are huge aspects of Nutty Buddy and choose a unique reward structure that continually rewards our holders!
You are nut alone. 
All are accepted to be a nut.

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We strive to get maximum benefits for being part of this inclusive project!

Our Team

What's cracking, 

I am the lead artist and creator of Nutty Buddy NFT. I created these nutty looking characters as a self portrait focused on of the state of mind I was in when I first began my NFT experience. I was addicted and going nuts.

I draw as a form of meditation and therapy, I also rediscovered my love for the dark humor and violence in nostalgic cartoons of my past and incorporated that type of humor into my art. I hope your Nut makes you smile!

Understandably when you consider the potential and growth regarding an NFT with utility and future members perks it can create an even nuttier environment... I then decided to ensure that those who are truly nutty about NFTs can have a nutty piece of art with focus on growth and community that may seem nuts!

With the globe in the current state we are in physically and digitally, it can be a lot to handle...

Mental health is a serious issue and always needs to be recognized and addressed.

The first donation Nutty Buddy NFT will make will be to a mental health advocacy group that truly makes a difference in peoples day to day lives. 

I really hope to create a brand that is lasting and impactful. Nutty Buddy team members are nuts about NFTs and nuts about delivering value to the Nutty Buddy brand.

The Nutty Buddy
Founder and Artist
Nova Launch
Development Team
Dope | La Bast
Discord Moderator

Our Partners

These partners are responsible for helping to bring Nutty Buddy NFT to reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I mint a Nutty Buddy?

Unlike many NFT projects Nutty Buddy has a plan that helps the real world in addressing the incredible amount of mental health traumas we face globally.

Wen Moon? Wen Lambo?

Nutty Buddy NFT will be reinvesting into the project and implementing benefits to holders as the project matures. Progress takes time and also accuracy. We aim to deliver a rewarding experience in the NFT realm.

As Nutty Buddy NFT grows and the community wallet value increases so will the capabilities and possibilities in the metaverse and beyond. Nutty Buddy NFT plans to be a lasting force in the crypto space. Implementation of future NFTs will be based on the projects community involvement and the project success.

What is an NFT?

Non-Fungible Tokens are unique, easily verifiable digital assets that can represent items such as GIFs, images, videos, music albums, and more. Anything that exists online can be purchased as an NFT, theoretically.

NFTs are different from cryptocurrencies because they’re not interchangeable. Think of Pokémon cards: You can trade them, but a Gastly is not the same as a holographic Charizard. But a bitcoin is indistinguishable from another bitcoin.

One reason to buy an NFT is for its emotional value, which isn’t so different from physical objects...unless you’re a total utilitarian. No one buys lip gloss because they need it. They buy it for the way it makes them feel. The same can be true for a GIF, image, video, or other digital asset.

The other reason is because you think it’s valuable...and will only increase in value. And yes, you can make money off of an NFT by buying and reselling it for more.

NFT ownership is recorded on the blockchain, and that entry acts as a digital pink slip. Our NFTs will be encoded using Metaplex's smart contract on the Solana Blockchain.

We offer a number of wallet connections for minting, but Phantom is the recommended wallet.

We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the NFT Launchpad. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.